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Art Deco Color Palette

Art deco color schemes can run the gamut from bright and bold to classic black and white. We’re here to guide you through your options and help you make the best choices and combinations.

Art Deco Color Palette

Bright and Bold

Art deco is a lively, exuberant style, and should be expressed with lively, exuberant colors. Here are some of our favorites. Naturally, not all of these bold colors will go together, so it’s important to check for compatibility and find what works best for any given room.

  • Royal Blue. The lavish luxury of royal blue is perfect for art deco furnishings or carpets. Royal blue pairs perfectly with the metallics further down the list, especially silver and gold. Here are some of our favorites.
  • Deep Red. For a slightly more subdued, yet still bold look, go with a deep red. Deep red goes perfectly with the cream or neutral colors listed below. Here are our picks.
  • Dark Pink. Dark pink works nicely in an art deco room with cream or neutral colors. Some of our favorites.
  • Canary Yellow. Canary yellow can be paired nicely with some of the other bold colors in art deco, including purple or royal blue. Perfect for accents: think pillows or furniture trim. Here are our favorites.
  • Purple. As with royal blue, you can’t go wrong playing to your dynastic side in art deco by choosing purples. Pair with metallics for the perfect room styles. Our favorite purples are linked here.


Art Deco Room

Metallics provide a sleek glamor to art deco, emphasizing the modern aspirations and confidence of the era. Many of these go perfectly with the bright and bold colors above.

  • Chrome. A polished chrome is a classic art deco color, providing a futuristic look and feel. Perfect with a deep red or dark pink.
  • Polished Brass. Another classic metallic, polished brass, in decor or simply in paint, provides a classy, upscale feel. Perfect with a royal blue or dark pink.
  • Copper. For a deeper brown look, copper is an indispensable metallic for art deco. It pairs nicely with canary yellow or royal blue.

  • Black and White

    Art Deco

    Many of the classic art deco rooms go with a simple, stunning black and white scheme. Think checkerboard tiles, paired with white wallpaper and black furniture. You can’t go wrong with any of the art deco color options, but back and white is a genuine classic.

    Art Deco Wall Art

    Blue Monochromatic Decor

    Perfect for a blue art deco room.