Our Guide to a Glam Color Palette

Glam style typically incorporates luxurious and opulent elements, such as rich colors, velvet fabrics, and glittering accessories. This style is often associated with Hollywood glamour and Old Hollywood style.

What colors are used in glam style?

Glam style typically incorporates rich and bold colors, such as jewel tones, including emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple. Black is also a popular color in this style, as it creates a sophisticated and glamorous look. A typical room in glam style will center around one or two of these core colors, and can then bring in light pink, gold, silver, or champagne as accents

A pink and red monochromatic color scheme is also a classic glam look, especially for bedrooms. We recommend focusing on light pinks for a soft, neutral feel, and accenting with darker pinks and red.

Pink Monochromatic Decor

How is glam decorating style different from Hollywood Regency style?

The two styles are often confused because they both incorporate luxurious and glamorous elements. However, Hollywood Regency style is more eclectic, mixing different periods and styles together. Glam style is more focused on creating a luxurious and opulent space.

Glam Wall Decor