Hollywood Regency Patterns

A key aspect of Hollywood Regency design is identifying the patterns you want to incorporate into your rooms. Geometric patterns are a beautiful way to express your own particular brand of sophistication. Some of our favorites for Hollywood Regency are below.

Greek Key. Greek key is the classic Hollywood Regency pattern. Intricate and strong at the same time, Greek key bold lines provide the perfect option for any element of a Hollywood Regency room, from carpet, to wallpaper, to pillow covers. Check out some of our favorite Greek Key patterns here.

Greek Key Hollywood Regency Pattern

Quatrefoil. Quatrefoil is another excellent choice for a Hollywood Regency pattern. It’s curved lines and flower shapes project a delicate elegance, and are perfect in some of the softer Hollywood Regency colors, like light blue. A few of our favorite Quatrefoil patterns are here.Quatrefoil Pattern

Chevron. Chevron zigzag patterns provide a fun, even zany feel to your Hollywood Regency room. While Quatrefoil works better with softer, subtle colors, chevron patterns are perfect for bolder choices. See our favorite chevron options here.

Chevron Pattern

Fleur de Lis. The most intricate of all on this list, Fleur de Lis patterns work best if you’re going for an intricate, retro look. Pair them with ornate furnishings and wall art. Here are some of our favorites.Fleur de Lis Pattern