Transitional Color Palette

Transitional home decor is all about combining modern and historic or classic design styles seamlessly, so when it comes to transitional color palettes, neutral is the key word.

Neutral doesn’t mean you can’t be bold or take chances, but it does mean you need a color scheme that helps blend together styles without difficulty. The best transitional color schemes use a combination of true neutral colors and bolder and darker shades.

Transitional Color Palette


True Neutral Colors

In most transitional rooms, you’ll want to choose a neutral color background -- here are some of our favorites.

  • White. The classic neutral color, white provides a canvas for your transitional furnishings and decor to combine those modern and classic styles. You can’t go wrong choosing a white focus for your transitional room. Check out a few options here.
  • Sand. Sand tones can blend beautifully with classic wood or gold furnishings and decor. As with white, it provides a background for your blend of classic and contemporary. Sand goes well with other neutrals, like light gray or light blue, and with a set of darker colors like navy. Our favorites are here.
  • Light Gray. Light gray delivers a clean and simple feel similar to white, while providing a softer touch that can blend styles even more naturally. Our favorite light grays are here.
  • Blue-Gray. A light blue-gray, or rain color, can be the perfect transitional accent or core color scheme option. Like light gray, rain can provide a neutral background that is softer than white, or it can be a perfect accent (think pillows) to a sand, white, and gray background.

Bolder and Darker, but still Neutral

  • Navy. Navy accents work very well with all the neutral colors, providing a real contrast without stepping out of line from the overall theme of the room. Some of our favorites here.
  • Charcoal. Charcoal pairs especially well with light gray or blue gray, providing that sense of blending that is necessary for a strong transitional feel. You can vary the shade from lighter to darker depending on how bold you want to be. Our favorite options are here.
  • Black. Black should be used more sparingly in transitional rooms, but can be an excellent way to vary the mood and provide sharp contrast. Check out some of our selections here.