Vintage Lamps: A Guide

When looking to evoke some of the most glamorous eras in history for Hollywood Regency design, vintage lamps can be a great option. They can be wild and throwback to the heady heyday of the roaring 20’s and 30’s, when Hollywood Regency decor was at its zenith. Or you can go for simple vintage-inspired contemporary silhouettes to celebrate 50’s style while homing in on just the right, concise color scheme to keep everything fresh and timeless.  And they can be had in any color imaginable – black, white, silver, and gold are all viable options. For a mid century modern bedroom, opt for a variety of hues including turquoise, sunny yellow, bright orange, and primary colors scattered about.  Since Hollywood Regency style is all about a collection of ornate details, source plenty of blanketing blank pieces and in various stages of finishing them off with handsome decorative extras. For a mid century modern bedroom, source a variety of blanketing pieces that boast a symmetrical silhouette, a contrastive color scheme, and a luminous hued canvas or felt mattress to complete the sophisticated look.  To get the look right you can either bring in an eclectic yet timeless cast of characters or you can go for a damask style rug for a well-considered touch that’s certain to evoke retro-Hollywood glamor with ease.  And since living rooms are often the best place to highlight your tastes and sense of play, make the most of your living room space with activities and displays that evoke your love for the art of Hollywood Regency style with aplomb. A buffet table or a ceramic crockpot can make a small space look more formal and cozy, while a painted ceiling will also look and feel inviting and well-judged, is all you need to make the best use of the space while adding some conversation-starting surprises.  

With Hollywood Regency style decor, more is more as this design style isn’t about empty surfaces and blank spaces – the look is all about indulgent maximalism. That said, keep your Hollywood Regency living room decor full of curated finds, but for a treat that’ll be sure to bring your Hollywood Regency living room to life, think art deco period gems, inspired by the movement’s bold and sweeping statements of intent. 1920’s adornment is particularly memorable because of its bold and sweeping statements of intent.