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Our Guide to Fantasy Building Concept Art

We are using AI image generation technology to revolutionize concept art, including architectural concept art. AI allows us to mix and match architectural styles from the past, present and future, giving birth to new designs that could never have been conceived before.

What is fantasy building concept art?

As the name suggests, fantasy building concept art is art that brings to life fictional or fantasy buildings and architecture. Concept architecture brings together disparate ideas or ideas from outside of architecture to vary building design in an interesting way.

How do AI tools like Midjourney help with the creation of fantasy building concept art?

Midjourney works by translating a text input provider by a user into an AI generated image. This functionality lends itself very well to concept art, because the user can provide input that stretches the bounds of reality, generating images that are beautiful in a surreal and unworldly way.

Additionally, Midjourney and other AI tools are set to make a difference in fantasy concept art based on the sheer volume of art they allow users to create. Since a simple text prompt is all that’s needed to create art, users can create hundreds of images per day, overwhelming the output created by human artists.

Check out a few of our favorite AI created fantasy building concept art collections below.

Bauhaus Georgian Architecture

Bauhaus Georgian architecture builds on the shared affinity between Georgian and Bauhaus styles for straight lines and right angles to generate towering, stately buildings. The ambitious futuristic elements of Bauhaus blend surprisingly well with the classical style of Georgian. Georgian itself borrows heavily from Roman and Greek classical architecture, and the resonance of the Bauhaus Georgian synthesis is derived from the same sense of elegance and awe that we get from classical architecture.