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Our Guide to Mid Century Modern Decor on a Budget

Mid Century Modern has been the breakout interior design style of the last 10 years, with its uncluttered lines and nostalgia for the 1950s. Our guide to mid century on a budget will help you transform your home and give it an authentic mid century feel, without breaking the bank.

Start with a small number of pieces

Outfitting your entire home with vintage furniture can feel overwhelming and outside your price range. However, starting with one or two great vintage items as centerpieces for your design can be much more manageable. Once you have those items, filling out the rest of your home with modern minimalist or other modern decor will come easily.

Use the right color schemes and patterns

Mid century modern has a classic color scheme, consisting of neutrals like white, taupe, and olive green, and accenting with bright orange or deep red. Leveraging this color scheme can start your mid century design off on the right foot. Similarly, mid century modern is known for its bold, geometric patterns, and abstract depictions of natural scenes in art. Choosing wall decor with those characteristics can finish off a mid century room nicely.

AI Generated Mid Century Art

Although vintage furniture pieces can be prohibitively expensive, prints and paintings can be a great way to bring a mid century feel into your home for less cost. Additionally, artificial intelligence is making it even easier to create your own unique and vintage vibe. Tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion translate text prompts into images. We’ve used these tools to create fresh mid century prints that use minimalist techniques on a variety of subject matter.

Minimalist Mid Century Art