Modern Farmhouse Color Palette

What defines the modern farmhouse style in interior decorating?

The modern farmhouse style is defined by its clean lines, simple forms, and neutral colors. It is a style that is both rustic and modern, and it often features reclaimed wood and metal. Some examples of how to use clean lines and simple forms in furniture and decor include choosing tables and chairs with straight legs and unadorned surfaces. Additionally, hardwood or stone floors can help create a modern farmhouse look, as can exposed wood beams or planks, and metal wall decor.

What colors are used in modern farmhouse style?

A neutral color palette is a must when designing in the modern farmhouse style. Some of the best neutral colors to use when decorating in a modern farmhouse style include white, cream, beige, and gray.

In addition to the neutral colors, modern farmhouse decor can include some blue or red with throw pillows or accents on cabinets and shelves. Some of the best shades of red to use as accents include crimson, burgundy, and wine, and navy blue or royal blue work nicely as blue accents.

Do you have to use white when decorating in modern farmhouse style?

No, you don't need to use white when decorating in a modern farmhouse style. If you don’t use white, a base of beige, cream, or gray is necessary to create a neutral palette. However, using white can help to create a clean and fresh look.