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Our Guide to a Boho Color Palette

Boho decorating is an eclectic mix of eras and styles. Boho tends to center on the 70s, when the counterculture that had developed in the 60s burst into the mainstream. Boho aims for a down-to-earth and laid back vibe centering on the minimalist bohemian lifestyle and using an eclectic mix of earthy and chic colors.

Earthy and Eclectic

This color palette brings together an interesting combination of light pinks and greens, for a comforting but still adventurous feel. In particular, the dark olive green evokes mid century functionality, while the salmon and pinks provide the softness and chic quality of Hollywood Regency.

Two Toned Pink and Orange

Pinks are at the heart of many boho palettes, and in this color palette, they flow seamlessly into pale and burnt oranges, to create an inviting and comforting scheme, perfect for a boho living room.

Pink Monochromatic Decor

Blue Grays and Sand

Another laid back choice, this palette ranges from beautiful baby blues to earthy sand colors, and evokes more modern takes on bohemian style. Perfect for a calming boho bedroom.

Daring blues, orange and pink

A darker and more adventurous color palette, that uses the classic pinks and oranges and mixes in some blue for an accent. Works well in a kitchen or living room looking to evoke an updated bohemian style.