Quatrefoil Decor: A Guide

Quatrefoil Pattern Decor


A key aspect of Hollywood Regency design is identifying the patterns you want to incorporate into your rooms. Geometric patterns are a beautiful way to express your own particular brand of sophistication. 

Quatrefoil is an excellent choice for a Hollywood Regency pattern. It’s curved lines and flower shapes project a delicate elegance, and are perfect in some of the softer Hollywood Regency colors, like light blue. 

Quatrefoil has a rich history, having been used throughout the Gothic and Renaissance eras, and also in ancient Mexican cultures. It was especially popular in heraldry and on royal family crests. Today, quatrefoil can be found in several different home decor places, including as the shape of mirrors, and on pillow covers and rugs.

A few of our favorite Quatrefoil patterns are here.