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Our Guide to Art Nouveau Pillows

Art nouveau pillows, with their classic flower, vine and leaf patterns, can be a great addition to rooms for a number of interior design styles. Their distinctive look is perfect for Craftsman homes, as Craftsman architecture and design was an offshoot of the broader art deco movement. They also work nicely for any design style looking for a nod to the past, like mid century modern or art deco.

One typical motif of art nouveau pillows is the use of hand-painted and hand-drawn patterns. You can find pillows with abstract patterns and designs, floral and vine patterns, geometric patterns and more. 

Pillows were a common decor element in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and many rooms were furnished with a number of different pieces to complete the look, so art nouveau vintage pillows are readily available.

Art nouveau pillows can work in many different spaces. They can add a bold and colorful look to a living room, dining room or bedroom. Or they can be used in other rooms in the home to add a bit of character. Nature was a key theme of art nouveau, resulting in the classic floral and vine patterns that are a hallmark of art nouveau.

Our selection of art nouveau pillows will help get your art nouveau, art deco, or mid century theme off to a great start.