Our Guide to Art Deco Wall Decor

What types of wall decor are used in art deco?

Animal prints can also be used very effectively in art deco. With artists able to recreate the natural world with a high degree of accuracy in the early 20th century, animal prints became very popular, and are a staple in art deco wall decor.

Wall sconces are also a classic choice for art deco rooms. Geometric, symmetrical, and brass, chrome, or other metallic colors work best.

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If you are using paintings for wall decor, what colors are best?

Art deco is a lively, exuberant style, and should be expressed with lively, exuberant colors. Royal blue, deep red, dark pink and canary yellow all work beautifully. Naturally, not all of these bold colors will go together, so it’s important to check for compatibility and find what works best for any given room. Beyond these staple bright colors, metallic colors like chrome, polished brass, and copper also work nicely for art deco.

What styles of painting work best for an art deco room?

Art deco paintings are relatively simple, and tend to be characterized by well defined geometric shapes and lines. Trapezoids, zigzags, chevron patterns, and sunbursts are particularly popular.

Even art deco portraits or landscapes tend to be simple and planar, with a streamlined look that incorporates symmetry and geometry where possible.

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How is New York City associated with art deco style?

Many of New York’s buildings were constructed in the early 1900s in art deco style. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are a couple of the more famous ones, but beautiful art deco architecture can be found throughout the city, from 70 Pine in the Financial District to Park Plaza Apartments in the Bronx. Our Art Deco New York collection uses AI technology to deliver iconic photos and paintings of New York in art deco style.

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