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Our Guide to a Hygge Color Palette

Hygge is the famous Scandinavian design style associated with coziness and minimalism. It springs from the egalitarianism of Scandinavian societies, and strives to bring a sense of inclusive comfort to homes. Our guide to a hygge color palette can help you pick out the best selection for your hygge decorating plans.

Fall Hygge: Dark Oranges, Light Pink, and Off White

This selection brings memories of falling leaves and brisk evenings to your home. Dark oranges are highlighted, along with lighter pinks and classic hygge off white. Perfect for a Hygge living room.

Earthy white, gray, and blue green

Earthy off whites are a classic hygge color. This color palette is designed for a hygge kitchen, and pairs grays, blues, and greens with the core off whites for a modern but still warm feel.

Cozy blues and pinks

This color palette brings the classic hygge feeling of coziness, and works nicely in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room. It relies on blues and pinks to deliver a sense of serenity and safety, then mixes in grays, off whites, and sand in smaller amounts.