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Our guide to a Japandi Color Palette

Japandi is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design traditions that aims to incorporate both Scandi minimalism and Japanese serenity in its selections. Our guide to Japandi color palettes will get you up to speed on this trendy style.

Neutrals plus some green

The classic Japandi color palette focuses primarily on neutral colors, including gray, white, and variations on tan and sand tones, to fit with the style’s focus on minimalism and calm. The typical Japandi room will also incorporate accents of green – often in the form of plants or wall art – and black. Perfect for a Japandi kitchen or living room.

Bold Blue and Orange

For those looking to be a little more bold, this color palette highlighted by brighter shades of blue and orange brings the Scandinavian half of Japandi to life. Neutrals, especially light pinks and tans, will finish out this palette nicely. 

Quiet Neutrals with Light Accents

For another Scandi-tinged look that is a bit more relaxed, focus on neutrals, including off white and tan, and use light pinks and blue as accents. This palette works nicely in a Japandi bedroom.