Hollywood Regency Color Palette

As with any design style, color choice is crucial for Hollywood Regency. Picking the right colors can make or break a room. With that in mind, here’s our guide to choosing a color palette that will make your Hollywood Regency design project a success.

First, the most important thing to keep in mind with a Hollywood Regency color palette is that each room should stick to a simple, two to three color palette. That simplicity won’t take away from the drama and decadence of your room -- it will add to it. The color palette can vary from room to room. Here’s how you can approach deciding on it.

Classic black, white, silver and gray. You can’t go wrong sticking to these colors for a Hollywood Regency room. Along with natural light and art deco furnishings, as shown in this room, neutral tones can make for a look that’s clean and elevated at the same time.

Hollywood Regency Color Palette

Check out some of our favorites for this classic 1930s look.

  • Marble vases
  • Black and white pillow covers

Monochromatic color schemes for rooms have been trending recently in interior design, and can be perfect for a Hollywood Regency style as well. Monochromatic designs can fit in nicely with Hollywood Regency's emphasis on simplicity.

Check out our guides to monochromatic room design, or if you've already picked out a color scheme, find monochromatic decor in these collections.


Cream and soft whites with one warm color accent. A softer white color can set the stage perfectly for a daring splash of red or burnt orange. As in this room below, you can bring in the warm color with trim, furniture, or figurines. Red or a burnt orange works well as the accent color.

Hollywood Regency Living Room Colors

Black and whites that fade into cool accents. A third option for Hollywood Regency is to select one or two cool tones, like a light green or blue, to pair with the core black and white colors. As you can see in this room, the blues and greens can take up more space in the room than the warm colors above.


Hollywood Regency Bedroom Colors