Midcentury Modern Color Palette

Mid Century Modern has been the breakout interior design style of the last 10 years, with its uncluttered lines and nostalgia for the 1950s. But what is the best color palette to use for a Mid Century Modern room? We’ll take you through your options, and tell you which one is best, in this article.

The key to a Mid Century Modern color palette is to incorporate both bright and bold colors, and some more earthy and neutral tones. If your Mid Century Modern color palette is missing either attribute, it just won’t work.

Bright and Bold Mid Century Modern Colors

A number of bright and bold colors work well in a Mid Century Modern color palette.

  • Yellow gold. You can’t go wrong with a classic yellow or gold as a major color in your Mid Century Modern room. It will bring a comforting warmth to your decor. Check out these options for your design.
  • Deep Red. Speaking of bold, it doesn’t get much more striking than a deep red like this one. And yet, a deep red is more assured than aggressive, especially when paired correctly with an earthy tone. Check out these deep reds for your living room.
  • Soft Pink. The gentler cousin of deep red, soft pink can be a staple in Mid Century Modern rooms. This shade is inviting and warm, and goes perfectly with darker neutral tones like gray. Check out these options.
  • Burnt orange. Last but not least, a vibrant orange can really make your Mid Century taste stand out. Perfect for accents in your living room or bedroom. Check out these burnt orange carpets.

Neutral or Earthy Mid Century Modern Colors

  • Olive green. A nice olive green is a staple of Mid Century Modern earth tones, and can bring a nicely subdued depth to your room. Pairs very well with yellow gold or burnt orange. Olive green styles.
  • Teal. Toeing the line between bold and neutral can be tricky, but teal manages it with aplomb. Teal is sprightly enough to add some personality to a Mid Century Modern room, without overwhelming your other bold choices like deep red. Teal styles
  • White. Mid Century Modern is all about simplicity, and white can provide a clean background for both bold and earthy tones. Some of our favorites here.
  • Taupe. Taupe, or gray-brown, hits both the neutral and earthy notes, and feels comfortable and welcoming. It pairs beautifully with burnt orange, olive green, or teal. Our favorites.

Bright & Bold Midcentury Wall Decor

Neutral & Earthy Midcentury Wall Decor